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Board Director Spotlight: Jane Murray
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1. What led you to pursue a career in school district business?

I just fell into my job over 27 years ago. Over the years working in SD finance and business, I realized this is where I was meant to be. I find it challenging and rewarding at the same time. Can’t think of being anywhere else, except for being retired.


2. What led you to becoming a member of WASBO and for how many years have you been involved?

My employer was a big supporter of WASBO and I was immediately a WASBO member within my first year.


3. How has WASBO’s trainings/presentations/conferences and/or classes impacted your work?

I couldn’t have done my job without WASBO’s support and classes. I started attending the Conferences and found the networking to be invaluable.


4. What is your favorite benefit of membership and why do you choose to stay involved?

We have the best members! The wealth of knowledge is just amazing. The best benefit is I can call anyone on the Networking Group or another WASBO member and get my questions answered.


5. What do you enjoy most about being a WASBO Board Director?

Being on the Board has given me a whole new perspective of WASBO. I realize how important our work as Board members really is and how it can affect our membership. I take my Board member roll very seriously.


6. What path did you take and/or service you were involved in that led you to becoming a WASBO Board Director?

I have always active in the WASBO committee’s and was Chair and Co-chair on two of them. Then, I was asked by a past Board Director to serve on the Board and thought, no….I don’t have anything to offer to the Board, to WASBO, and he said “yes you do!” So, I thought about it and spoke to my supervisor about it and realized, maybe I do have something to offer. And here I am.


7. What is the best piece of advice you could give a member who is interested in leadership through WASBO?

I would advise them to speak to a Board Member or Networking Chair. Offer to them all the benefits of being a WASBO member. Hopefully after that, they will see the benefits of becoming involved in our leadership.


8. What is your biggest challenge working in school district business and how has WASBO helped you to succeed?

The biggest challenge is keeping up with all the changes. In my job, I get questions about issues not related specifically school finance/accounting. For instance, payroll or purchasing or transportation. I don’t work directly with those. But I know I can turn to our talent and knowledgeable WASBO members to find help and answers to my questions.


9. What would you like to accomplish during your years of service as a WASBO Board Director?

To make a change! To make a lasting change that will benefit every WASBO member.


10.  What has been your proudest moment in your career?

Honestly, being on the WASBO Board of Directors, meeting wonderful people and being able to contribute and make a difference.


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