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PPR Self Funding Dental and Vision
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Self-Funding Dental and Vision question February 2013 Responses

Onalaska does not self-fund their dental and vision and has no plans to do so at this time.
Thank you.
-Marge Wilcoxson

How long have you been self funding dental and vision? Since prior to 2005 for the vision plan.
Approximately how much money do you 'bank' at the end of the year for your employees? It varies depending on plan usage - we've seen anywhere from $43,208 to $177,750 in the ending reserve balance for vision.
What do you do with the reserves (offset future premiums? increase future benefits, etc.)? Bethel has used the reserves to offset future premiums and has occasionally used them to increase future benefits for vision.
How many employees do you have on dental and vision (approx)?There currently are 826 employees enrolled in the vision plan.

Hope that helps.

Brandy Japhet, CSBO
Bethel School District
Payroll Manager


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