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PPR Sick Leave Donations
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Sick Leave Donation question February 2013 Responses

We will not allow an outside agency to donate sick leave.  The main reason is the accounting nightmare it creates in getting the money value of the sick leave from the outside agency.  There is already too much work to do.

Theresa Archibald
Payroll & Benefits

We are not accepting any leave from any outside source, including other school districts. 

DeeEtta Pullar
Lynden School District

Highline is not accept outside donations.  There is too many issues involved.  You would have to calculate the cost of the leave being transferred and then calculate the hours of leave available to the employee.  We are not interested in the addition time and effort to do these types of transfers.  Additionally, the length of time it may take to get the money from the spouses employer may make it unreasonable for the employee to wait to apply the leave. 

Janet Hodson
Director for Human Resources
Highline School District

The Nine Mile Falls School District has decided not to allow leave sharing outside of our district.  The amount of time to administer this and coordinate with other districts would be a huge burden.  Some of the thoughts that went into our decision to not allow this are:
•    All Districts have different leave sharing policies
•    Leave is not shared consistently.  Some Districts share leave based on day for day and some are based on employees hourly rate.
•    Some districts allow any classification of employee to donate while some districts only allow employees within their own classification to donate.  For example, certificated staff only allowed to donate to certificated staff.
•    Districts are not consistent when determining what a day is.  Our district considers a full day as 8 hours and leave is granted this way.  Other districts calculate a full day as 7.5 hrs or less.
•    Coordinating with other agencies for payment of donated leave and returning excess leave once the need for the donated leave has passed would be difficult and time consuming.
•    The calculations required of the person administering this leave are cumbersome and time consuming.  Most payroll and HR staff are already overwhelmed and overworked as it is.  

Because leave sharing is only allowed under severe and extraordinary conditions we don’t have an excessive amount of need.  When there truly is a need our staff has always taken care of their own with donations.  We don’t have a board policy stating we are not allowing leave sharing between districts but our Superintendent, Business Manager and Payroll staff are all in unanimous agreement on this decision.

Kelli Songstad, CSBS
Payroll Officer
Nine Mile Falls School District

From the little bit of training provided at one of the WASBO Pay/Pers committee meetings, it is my understanding, both organizations must have a policy in place.  It is not a simple matter of just transferring leave like we do when an individual moves from one District to another. In a nutshell, the donating organization, in addition to transferring the hours, must send a check to the receiving organization for the cost of that leave.  I sort of remember the formula being more involved than I would expect.  Our District decided to not institute the practice, so I stopped following it.  Good Luck.

Best Regards,
Wanda Liner, CSBS
Payroll Specialist

I would check with OSPI’s opinion.

Barbara Biddle, CSBS
Payroll Accountant
Lake Washington School District #414

The powerpoint is still available on the OSPI website under Other Wasbo presentations.
Georgeanne Magruder
Associate Fiscal Coordinator
ESD 105 Yakima Wa


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