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Self-Funded Dental and Vision

February 2013

  We are looking at self-funding our dental and vision plans.  I was wondering if you could send out an email to the PPR Committee to find out if other school districts are self-funding their dental and vision.  I have these questions:

How long have you been self funding dental and vision?
Approximately how much money do you 'bank' at the end of the year for your employees?
What do you do with the reserves (offset future premiums? increase future benefits, etc.)?
How many employees do you have on dental and vision (approx)?
Any other information you can provide that would be beneficial would be appreciated!

Can you please have them email me directly at  I would like this information for a 1:00 p.m. meeting today.  Any info would help!
Diane Hodge
Assistant Business Manager
Pullman School District
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Sick Leave Donations

February 2013

  Question for group:
Is anyone accepting outside sick leave donations? We have an employee whose spouse works for the Employment Security Department and wants to donate leave to our employee, who we have approved to receive shared leave. Our Board is hesitant to create a policy and procedure and open this door, they are asking me to research the reasons why a district would elect to NOT do this. Can you share your district's thoughts on this please?
Brandy Japhet, CSBO
Bethel School District
Payroll Manager
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Out-of-State SL

February 2013

  Does anyone know if an employee can transfer leave they accumulated at an out-of-state school district to a Washington State school district?  I’m referencing RCW 28A.400.300, section (1)(b)(viii)……
    (viii) Accumulated leave under this provision shall be transferred to and from one district to another, the office of superintendent of public instruction, offices of educational service district superintendents and boards, the state school for the blind, the Washington state center for childhood deafness and hearing loss, institutions of higher education, and community and technical colleges, to and from such districts, schools, offices, institutions of higher education, and community and technical colleges;
            ……but I’m not very clear on whether this applies only to leave earned at a Washington State school/institution, or at ANY school district.
Maybe there’s another RCW or WAC, or some other guidance out there?
Thank you all in advance, to anyone who can weigh in on this question.
Beverly Dolman
Payroll Manager
Steilacoom Historical School District No. 1
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Open Enrollment

February 2013

  Bethel is interested to know if any districts have open enrollment in November/December for a January 1 effective date instead of in August/September for an October 1 effective date?
Brandy Japhet, CSBO
Bethel School District
Payroll Manager
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January 2013

  I have a question for everyone regarding Sick Leave Buy Back.  We currently allow people who qualify to buy back any of the unused 12 days from the previous calendar year.  Some employees ask me if they can specify the number of days that they can buy back.  We have not allowed this.  I have several teachers who currently have 192 days.  Twelve of those days @ 25% (providing they did not take sick leave in 2012) will go into VEBA, which brings their balance down to 180 days.  The problem with this, is if they are sick for even a half day between January - June 2013, then they won't qualify for VEBA next January.  Do you allow, say in this example, the employee to specify that they only want to buy back say 8 days and leave 4 on the books just in case.  Can we allow this?  I was not able to find anything specific saying we couldn't in the RCW/WACs I looked at.
Thank you,
Jodi Miller
Payroll Supervisor
Northshore School District #417
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Retirement on EA

January 2013

  Has anyone found a way for employees to look up on employee access what their current retirement plan and rate option are?  I am getting ready to send out the TRS plan 3 rate change notices and don’t want to get a ton of phone calls. Last year they could see this which was wonderful saved me a lot of time on the phone.
Kathy Thomas
Tahoma SD
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