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SLBB & VEBA question January 2013 Responses

We allow it.  Our form is attached.

DeeEtta Pullar

It is their sick leave to buy back what they want.  If you have the option for VEBA in January, then all eligible people over the 180 days have to go to VEBA, but they can specify between 1 to 12 days. This is my understanding.

Barbara Biddle, CSBS
Payroll Accountant
Lake Washington School District #414

Walla Walla allows them to specify how many days they want to buy back. 

Yes, they can buy all or partial amounts.
(ESD 105)

Yes, we allow our employees to choose how many days they wish to cash out of the 12 days they earned during the calendar year (or of the remaining  days after deducting the days they used during the calendar year).

Best Regards,
Wanda Liner, CSBS
Payroll Specialist


At PSD our form has: 

Do you wish to cash all eligible days (up to a maximum of 12 days) Yes or No:
If no, please list number of days to be cashed in:

This is regardless if they are requesting for monetary compensation or to go into their VEBA account.


F. Lynn Guyton
Retirement Coordinator
Puyallup School District

Toledo allows qualifying employees to specify buy back amount up to the max qualification.  They are not required to buy back all qualifying days/hours.

Patti Bowen

We allow the employee to choose how many days they want to buyback regardless of whether it would go into VEBA or not.  I notify the employees how many days are eligible to buy back but the employee has to specify how many they are going to buyback.

Kelli Songstad, CSBS
Payroll Officer
Nine Mile Falls School District

If they choose to participate and they qualify, we cash out all that they are eligible to cash out.  We do not let people specify a certain amount.  With as many cash outs as we get (and the calculation all being manual) that would be a nightmare.

Brenda Mattson
Payroll Manager
Highline Public Schools


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