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Purchasing Card Program

School district purchasing cards

WASBO has partnered with the Illinois, Oregon and Wisconsin Associations of School Business Officials to offer Purchasing Cards (p-Cards) to Washington school districts at no cost.

Many school districts are turning to p-Cards instead of using traditional purchase orders in order to save on manual purchase order processing costs; p-Cards automate procurement and reduce costs. Many p-Card programs offer rebates to school districts based on annual spending, another benefit to switching to p-Cards. 

The key to success is getting p-Cards into the hands of those who are currently making small purchases generating purchase orders of less than $1,000. P-Card member spending limits can be established for each card in a variety of way, for example; creating transaction limits per card, establishing monthly limits and restricting use to only preferred suppliers. Interested in what other Washington School Districts are participating?

Current WASBO BMO Purchasing Card Participants




Purchasing card benefits

  • Eliminates the need for a separate contract for each district
  • Reduces multiple legal expenses
  • Provides rebates to schools that could not be obtained separately
  • Provides contract negotiation clout to assure low rates
  • Creates a user group/support network not obtainable with multiple programs and different contracts
  • Eliminates all start up costs to the district
  • Provides better training and in-servicing, the service is available 24-7
  • Creates a statewide database of what is being purchased and the quantity of purchase 

The BMO p-Card program is easy to use and is managed online. MasterCard was selected as the p-Card provided, and is accepted globally at over 35 million locations. Retailers benefit from low transaction charges since MasterCard has one of the lowest rates in the industry. MasterCoverage fraud protection insurance is provided. There is a dedicated Merchant Group (Moneris) to sign up suppliers. Cards are custom designed displaying the name of card holder, school district and tax exempt number (if desired). Individualized training is provided to the school district staff. There is no limit to the number of cards that may be issued.

Tutorials and more p-Card information is available on the Illinois ASBO BMO p-Card Website


BMO p-Card Application and forms

  • P-Card Checklist - This checklist is designed to help you collect the correct information to send us, so we can process your application promptly. The checklist also includes where to send your application packet.
  • Board Resolution (Sample) - You may use this template or create your own.
  • BMO Agreement This is you application to the bank for a line of credit in a fillable PDF that you can save, complete, print and send with your other required documents. 


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