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Airbnb/VRBO rentals for travel 2 N. Munguia When I was at Edmonds we discussed this and found guidance from OFM.  I've attached the document.  The procedures were not updated to address this yet.
by J. Valach
Thursday, August 15, 2019
NCES & Location Codes 19 L. Robertson At Nine Mile Falls School District we have created the new account codes and budgeted to them.  We have elected to not cross-walk old codes.  I am creating a resource for our Accounts Payable staff to assist with coding.  That being said, we are a small district and I am able to oversee the majority of the coding.  At this time I code all purchases. I am aware of a few districts in the 101 Region that have created resources for their staff (building secretaries, principals, etc.).  A few districts have kindly shared their preliminary documents in hopes that we will be coding things (especially services) consistently. Thanks, Stephanie Hance Nine Mile Falls School District  
by S. Hance
Thursday, August 15, 2019
Anyone moving to Qmlativ? 4 G. Hart Response from Carla Whitmire - Green Mountain School:"We migrated to Q in July. We have lists of issues we are working through. We have decided to call ourselves 'beta testers' because of those issues. I really would not want to see a large district migrate into all areas of Q until specific issues have been addressed and corrected. Our ESD and I have spent hours testing, validating, and correcting data and issues. Not to mention the hours WSIPC folks have put in. Our goal is to have a successful school startup August 28th. Keeping my fingers crossed and a positive attitude. :)"
by L. Robertson
Wednesday, August 14, 2019
Classified Salary Placement 1 L. Robertson Response from Wandah Messinger - Naches Valley School District:"We use FileMaker Pro to track our classified, but we hate it. It is extremely user-UNfriendly for us. We will be trying to go with HRM Plus (now through SDS) this year, but if we can't we will convert our FileMaker Pro data to Excel spreadsheets and use mail merges to communicate the information from HR to Payroll. Not the best solution, but it would be better than what we currently use."
by L. Robertson
Tuesday, August 13, 2019
Processing Transportation 6 L. Robertson Response from Paul Stone - OSPI:"Your Trip Billing Rates for next year can be estimated and applied today if you want. You can recalculate Trip billing rates anytime. The Transportation long-form shows you what your to/from costs are. At the bottom, it gives you an over/under expenditure amount. You have to reconcile to zero. Your trip rate needs to reflect actual costs - but that doesn’t mean you can’t estimate and dial it in later. At the end of the year, you either charged out too much – in which case you want to move costs back to program 99; or you didn’t charge programs enough – in which case – (well, it’s up to you; the district can either absorb the under charged trip costs, or you can attempt to collect from programs… one way is much easier than the other…); but the bottom line is: if you under-charge trips, you have to move costs out of program 99."
by L. Robertson
Tuesday, August 13, 2019
CEP 4 L. Robertson We send home the Family Income Survey even though we are CEP. It has not noticeably impacted our CEDARS poverty data. The issue we are facing this coming year is a potential loss of CEP after having it for a few years.
by D. Lunghofer
Tuesday, August 13, 2019
Online Funraising 2 C. Plager Here is what we use for Fundraising Policy:The district recognizes that it needs a balance of state, federal, local, and nongovernmental funds to achieveits goals. The district further recognizes that dwindling state and federal funds present challenges for thedistrict. Increasingly, the district is seeking local and nongovernmental funding sources in order topreserve, establish and enhance important district programs and educational opportunities. The district’sability to offer diverse, quality educational programs and experiences for our students depends in part onour ability to secure reliable alternative sources of funding.To enhance district programs and educational opportunities the board authorizes fundraising activitieswhere such programs: (1) Promote K-12 education; (2) Provide educational experiences for students, and/or(3) Address local funding obligations that support the educational mission of the district; (4) and/or promotethe effective, efficient, or safe management and operation of the district.District fundraising activities may include: (1) Soliciting gifts and donations that are reasonably related tothe pursuit of the district’s objectives; (2) Entering into inter-local agreements with other governmentswhich generate additional funds for school district activities; and/or (3) Operating various revenuegenerating enterprises consisting of the sale of goods or services that are produced by, or that are linked to,the district’s educational program. Fundraising programs, including enterprise activities, will be in the bestinterests of the district and will not interfere with the operation of the district’s programs and functions.District fundraising programs will not conflict with any applicable law and or state or federal constitutionalprovisions, including the separation of church and state.This policy governs the establishment and administration of district fundraising for the general fund andfor particular programs in the district. It does not address fundraising programs conducted by theFoundation for Vancouver Public Schools (FVPS), parent teacher organizations (PTOs), other non-profitor citizens’ organizations, or the associated student body. Fundraising by the associated student body isaddressed by RCW 28A. 325.030 and Policy 3530, Fundraising Activities Involving Students.Our Procedure is here:Online fundraising sites (for example, Donors Choose) are permissible to use to solicit non-cashdonations of supplies, materials, or equipment under the following conditions: 1. Prior written permission is received from the Superintendent or designee before posting therequest;2. All items are shipped directly to the school site or to the district's central receiving;3. Supplies, materials, or equipment are consistent with district standards;4. Supplies, materials, or equipment become the property of the district once donated; and 5. Fixed assets are barcoded and added to the school site's inventory.A. Donations shall not be retained by individual employees. Donations made to the district must bereceipted by the building’s front office within twenty-four (24) hours of receipt. Cash, check, andcredit card donations for the district may be receipted at any district cash handling site.B. Employees contracting with crowdsourcing sites such as SnapRaise, GoFundMe, Indiegogo,Kickstarter, etc. where cash donations are made through third-party vendors and the third-partyvendors receive a percentage or amount of the donation as payment for services are prohibited.Crowdsourcing, as defined in this procedure, is the process of obtaining cash donations from anonline community rather than from traditional district sanctioned means.C. Private individuals using crowdsourcing sites may not use the district’s name, assets or resourceswhen engaging in private crowdsourcing activities.D. District employees or other persons acting as private individuals shall not represent themselves as anagent of the district when using crowdsourcing sites.
by kathleen O'claire
Wednesday, November 14, 2018
Top Ten Questions 11 M. Dooley Hello again everyone and welcome back. So here was my answer to our final question. Our official answer is that a district could not use an online newspaper to meet this requirement. Until the legislature changes the statutes to address online options, it appears they will need to use the print version.And so ends our top ten questions. I hope you've not only enjoyed reading them, but have had some of your questions answered. So, until next time ~Mike -- Stump-the-Chump -- Dooley
by M. Dooley
Wednesday, February 18, 2015
Welcome to the forum 3 L. Blacklock Thank you for the update. I will amend the website to reflect the change.
by L. Blacklock
Monday, August 25, 2014
When is the next ss committee meeting 2 R. Foster Yes, September 10. But the presenter will be Becky McLean, instead of TJ Kelly. TJ will be presenting on October 8. I got my dates mixed up during last month's meeting -- my bad.
by M. Dooley
Friday, August 22, 2014


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